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The vaccine science contradiction

(NaturalNews) If the human body must have vaccines to survive, then evolution and natural selection are fraudulent scientific theories. Conversely, if natural selection is real, then all humans are the survivors of thousands of generations of ancestors who self-immunized without any vaccines at all.

Yet today, ridiculous scientists and vaccine propaganda pushers tell us that modern humans would all die without vaccines, claiming our immune systems are incapable of protecting us without vaccines.

What they deliberately refuse to admit is that human beings have been self-immunizing against infectious disease for at least 200,000 years… and medical vaccines have only been around for less than 200 years. In fact, if humans could not self-immunize, the entire race would have been wiped out, no humans would exist on the planet, and you would have never been born.

My latest science video — just three minutes long — unveils this glaring science contradiction that reveals how either vaccine propagandists are full of bunk, or evolution and natural selection doesn't happen. (Hint: The correct answer is that vaccine propagandists are full of bunk…)

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